What inspired me to start making music was the first time I heard Lil Wayne rap one of his classic songs off the Carter 3. At the age of 14, I started messing around with different beats and verses to see how I would sound. The overall sound at the age of 14 was no where near what I wanted to be and decided to give up on rapping until one day in high school, I started to pick it back up again. Rapping at parties and freestyling at school I became better and got hooked but was far from my top potential. I felt like I was lacking some things so I kept working on my flow and sound. I had a dream one night during college that I was freestyling consistently and switching up styles in between the freestyle. I woke up and said no way I wish I could do that exactly how I did it in my dream. I tried to rap that same morning and something was different about me. I could flow exactly like I was doing in the dream. I knew I was onto something that day and decided to get a home studio to push my craft to the next level. I started off not knowing anything and self taught myself how to produce music and perfect the sound. Shortly after that I met up with one of my producers known as Kevin. From there on Kevin and myself knew I was onto something. We worked countless hours perfecting songs like Ken$o, Designer, Jackie chan and more. That's when I knew it was time to establish myself as an artist and to be known for my craft. I worked countless hours on instagram to further myself through social media. As of today I am a changed artist and presenting to everyone my top tracks on my latest EP named "Call Me Karma.